We welcome you all to dance the first ever online WDC AL World Cup Latin for Amateurs!!

Rules and regulations.

* The music for each dance is provided by us and MUST be used without any changes (speed, etc.).
* We will also provide the music for the 30 seconds solo intro dances.
* Download the music for all 5 dances and the intro dance in both Cha cha and Samba of your specific agegroup immediately after entering.
* Solo entries in all agegroups must use the music provided for "Solo" and can choose the dances they participate in.

Your video's
* You must upload all 5 dances for each agegroup you participate in and use the music reserved for that agegroup or for "Solo".
* Solo entries of all agegroups use the same music for every category. Different choreography per agegroup however is allowed.
* You must dance each dance from the beginning of the music until the end.
* Your "take" of the video's must be ONE take; no cutting or post editing is allowed.
* But of course you can make more than one recording and send us only the best!
* The intro dances (to introduce you in the semi-final) should start and end with a bow (be creative as if it were an intro to the final).
* Your video's must be recorded on a proper dancefloor in a studio.
* All video's must be in landscape (horizontal) position.
* Preferably approximately 1 meter above the floor.
* The position should be in one of the 4 corners of the dancefloor.
* Panning left and right and zooming in or out is allowed (to follow the couple or for a closer look).
* The video's must be of high quality (HD - minimal 4K).
* Lighting should be constant and bright (no flashing, no "nightclub" lights).
* You must upload your video's.

* Practice wear or competition clothes, no street clothes allowed.
* You must wear proper dance shoes, (this includes heels for the ladies).
* Keep on your costume for each dance, no change of costume during the dances of your agegroup.

* Your choreography must follow the rules of a normal competition, no lift, no tricks.

 The competition:
* Actual time allowed for judging will be 1:45 minutes per dance for Amateur, Youth, Junior, Juvenile, Senior and Solo.
* All heats in all rounds will follow this schedule.