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Arthur Murray
The Arthur Murray Dance Studios have been teaching the world to dance for 108 years and its history includes teaching many famous celebrities as well as millions of couples and singles who have enjoyed the myriad benefits and joy of a life of dance.
Now all Dancers, professionals, amateurs, Pro-Am, Youth, children and their parents and dance fans and aficionados the world over, will be delighted to hear that Arthur Murray International, the world’s leading and largest dance studio group have joined the World Dance Council Amateur League, the WDC and the family of quality dancers in over 70 countries, committing their organization to become the new Grand Sponsors of the WDCAL, including the W.D.C. World Super-Series Events in Assen, Netherlands, November 4-10 and the multiple World Open Amateur Championships December 16-19 in Berlin, Germany this year.
How fortunate the dancers are that such a prestigious business with its worldwide connections should choose the WDCAL, its future and freedom. Quality joins quality, global reach with global reach, brands of integrity and security together, performing a perfect partnership on and off the floor is made manifest with this agreement.
Our global family of dancers from young teddy-bears (under 7 years of age) all the way up to our seniors and indeed Professional and Pro-Am dancers will benefit from this new unison and mutual cooperation. Whilst the long-term strategy for our common futures is envisaged, nonetheless it is even more remarkable that this multi-national business iconic brand were able to demonstrate foresight to commit to this year’s November and December events.
To Arthur Murray International, we shall forever be indebted for your trust and generosity to care of our dancers of all ages.
Reflecting the vision of the Chairman of AMI Board of Directors, Mr. Phil Masters, his wife Marge Masters, John Kimmins, President of AMI said: 
“On behalf of the Board of Directors, Company Officers and all our studio franchisees of the largest and most historic dance studio group, we wish to express our excitement and enthusiasm to help create a platform of freedom of expression in dance and enhance the situation for all dancers all over the world to compete in the finest possible conditions.  From the beautiful young children to the Pro-Am students and their professional icons we salute your dedication, talent and sacrifices and we are absolutely delighted to partner with the WDC and the WDC-AL.  Our commitment to a mutually beneficial future is secured with the synergy of both organizations, with Arthur Murray’s 108 years and the WDC’s 70 years we look forward to becoming synonymous with the integrity of both organizations".

On behalf of all our dancing family and common core values - simply a huge "THANK YOU" from the bottom of our hearts to “Arthur Murray” and look forward to an artistic future created together with our excellence of effort.

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The Estrel Hotel is in the centre of Berlin.

From the airport you are there in approximately 25 minutes.
Berlin airport has numerous flights from all over the world.
Once in the Estrel hotel no more travelling is involved. You can relax and enjoy German hospitality!